Trouble with TSV 1860 Heads: Anthony Power and ‘Mister Resigner’


Munich – Curtain for the following blue-and-white play on Gixing Heights: The Sixty Chief Robert Reisinger After a critical interview with the investor Hassan your name I mentioned now too.

We regret that he did not choose to address him personally.

“It’s good that Mr. Ismic seems to want to take care of his 1860 investment again, we’re just sorry he didn’t choose to reach out personally,” said Reisinger of “SZ”.

Instead, Reisinger is “happy” when Ismik comes to Munich “and presents his plans and ideas for the stadium project to us and the city”.

“Good intentions often end in bad performance.”

In Reisinger’s view, the controversial vice principal shareholder, Anthony Power, is a similarly (not) nice person to talk to.

Esmeek’s latest statement that some club representatives were disturbed by Bauer’s efficacy, Reisinger replied that he “couldn’t pinpoint” the described efficacy: “With Mr. Bauer it must be said: good intentions often end badly.”

Would you like an exotic example? “He even misspelled my last name on WhatsApp.” According to Reisinger, Bauer called him “Mr. Reisner”, which means “Mr. Resignation”.

Because of their mutual hatred, it would probably be impossible for her to just be censored by the power…


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