The Condor machine is reflected over the Azores as a precaution


Frankfurt / Main

As a precaution, the pilot of the Condor with 154 passengers on board turned across the Azores and back to Frankfurt. A Condor spokeswoman said on call that the plane was en route from Frankfurt to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea on Friday. The reason for returning to Frankfurt was an error message in the cockpit. The plane landed safely in Frankfurt.

“Safety has always been the top priority in flying, and there was no risk to passengers,” the spokeswoman said. All 154 passengers were accommodated in hotels in Frankfurt. The replacement flight took off on Saturday afternoon. The spokeswoman said the passengers were taken with her via Punta Cana to the island of Bonaire, where they arrived on their cruise ship, whose alternative itinerary had been modified. had previously reported this.

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