Seoul: North Korea launches another missile



Three days after testing a long-range nuclear-capable missile, North Korea launched another ballistic missile. The South Korean army detected a short-range missile launch in the west of the neighboring country, according to the General Staff in the capital, Seoul.

The missile flew 800 kilometers east before hitting the open sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The United States has once again sent a B-1B long-range bomber to South Korea for an Air Force exercise.

North Korea’s recent missile tests are also seen as a direct response to US military exercises with its ally, South Korea. Both countries denied Pyongyang’s allegations that their exercises were preparations for an attack.

South Korea and the United States accuse North Korea of ​​a dangerous provocation because of its missile tests. The latest test is also a clear violation of US decisions, according to a statement from South Korea’s highest command authority. North Korea is banned from all ballistic missile tests. Depending on the design, these missiles can be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

Recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile

After testing its largest intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17, North Korea warned the United States and South Korea against their maneuvers on Thursday. The range of ICBMs exceeds 5,500 km. The country, which is run by an authoritarian Kim Jong Un, is under international sanctions over its nuclear weapons programme.

According to the Defense Ministry in Seoul, the two countries conducted air drills as part of the multi-day commando exercise “Shield of Freedom”. In addition to the conventional B-1B supersonic bomber, combat aircraft of both sides were also used. Unlike the B-52 bombers, for example, the B-1B bombers in their current design do not have a nuclear capability.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have escalated dramatically since last year. North Korea has increased the range of its missile tests. The United States and South Korea have resumed large-scale military exercises.

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