‘Pro Bahn’ assesses Munich: ‘Everything could be much worse’


Munich – What is the city’s performance in terms of expanding public transportation? The glass is half full, everything could be much worse, says Andreas Barth of the Pro Ban passenger union.

A 10 percent drop in ridership on public transport since the start of the pandemic

During Corona, the number of passengers collapsed completely. In fact, according to MVG, 10 percent fewer people still use public transportation. Barth is therefore pleased that the major rail cuts that were announced did not materialize. However, he also says: “Munich wants to be a big city. The fact that the bus in Lyme, for example, only comes every 20 minutes after 9 p.m. Doesn’t fit with that.”

“It’s not enough for the city to just talk about the shift in traffic”

He thinks politicians were bolder three years ago – when they decided, for example, that there would be no car lanes in Ludwigsbrücke.

“I wish it was on the Frankfurter Ring, too,” says Barth. The district commission advocated for a bus lane there – but it was at the expense of vehicular traffic, and so the city rejected it. “It’s not enough for a city to always say, ‘It wants a traffic change.’ Then it has to implement it,” says Barth.

Tram construction results are good

He is not satisfied with the progress of tram construction. He can understand that it takes a little longer with Tram-Nordtangente.

The city originally planned for streetcars and cars to share a lane on Leopold Street. Many warned about traffic jams – now the tram is running its own way. Planning begins again. But Barth believes that this is true.

Praise for the brave decision in Subway Decisions

Basically, the city council made the right decisions when it came to tram expansion. “The exciting thing now is whether it will also work with implementation,” he says.

Also with resolutions on Subway Bart satisfied. He thinks it’s gutsy that the city council would be willing to fund the structures for rail stations at the main station and in Freham – without knowing if the city would get federal funding for this.

“The coalition has big plans,” says Barth. “But she is on the right track, even if, of course, I would like things to go faster.” If he had to give a score, it would be two – approx. But it is only half the time and you have to motivate yourself.


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