‘Police call 110: Ronny’: These are the young stars of the episode


A young ensemble was used in Magdeburg’s “Polizeiruf 110: Ronny” (March 19, 1st). Chief Inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen, 54) has to investigate the missing person of ten-year-old Ronnie Hartwig (Johann Barnstorff, born in 2009). After a Christmas party at the children’s home, he drove to his mother, Sabine (Ceci Chuh, b. 1991) – on the way home he disappeared without a trace.

In the course of the investigation, more and more suspects appear: including his mother, who was once addicted to drugs, and the domestic worker Matthias Brecht (Thomas Schubert, 29). Little by little, Gordon Kleinschmidt (Valentine Obermann, b. 2004), son of the housekeeper, Gabby Kleinschmidt (Maja Shawn, 47), is being targeted. All three are embodied by great and young actors and actresses.

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Sissy Chuh as Sabine Hartwig

Sabine Hartwig’s character went down the wrong path, becoming addicted to drugs and neglecting her son, Ronnie. Then this one came to the children’s home – but she wants him back. However, the young woman still seems overwhelmed with her life and makes contradictory statements at first. But Sabine does everything to get her son back. Her despair is almost palpable. Ceci Chuh is a great embodiment.

Born in 1991 and raised in Berlin. It has already appeared in a number of TV formats, including “SOKO Potsdam,” “Notruf Hafen Kante,” and “Tatort: ​​Long Live Death.” She first drew attention to herself in 2007 with the movie ‘The Undrawn Ones’. Other leading roles followed in “Sin & Illy still live” (2015) or “Bube Stur” (2015). Recently, a disfigurement was seen in the crime series “Mary Brand and the Man Who Was Disposed” in 2022.

Thomas Schubert as Matthias Brecht

Matthias Brecht stands out as a committed teacher. He shows the children how to fish and takes them on his boat. However, allegations of sexual abuse are raised and he too is embroiled in contradictory statements. The sensitive character was played by Austrian actor Thomas Schubert.

He was born in Vienna in 1993 and was born only by chance. He was chosen from around 300 applicants for the lead role in I Wish (2011). For the first time in acting he was awarded the Austrian Film Prize. More entries followed in formats such as “SOKO Donau” or “Die Toten vom Bodensee – Curse from the Deep”. Schubert already has “crime scene” experience, in 2020 he can be seen in “Crime Scene: Caught”, followed in 2021 by “Police Call 110: Until Midnight”.

Valentine Oberman as Gordon Kleinschmidt

Valentin Obermann slips into the role of the aggressive and manipulative youth in Polizeiruf 110: Ronny. Only during the film does the viewer realize that something is wrong with Gordon Kleinschmidt. His mother tries everything to reach him and stands in front of him excitedly. However, she also fears his tantrums. The character presents herself as an innocent lamb and lies when it counts. Oberman does a great job of portraying this sadistic and emotional character in a credible way. Especially at the end, when he finds his tough act funny and starts laughing.

The actor was born in 2004 and has already gained some experience. Participants in “Die Eifelpraxis” and “Das Pubertier” to “Dark” and “jerks”. It can appear on his CV.

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