Once again mass protests in Israel against judicial reform


Tel Aviv

Thousands of people in Israel have again protested against the right-wing theocratic government’s controversial judicial reform. And in the center of Tel Aviv, demonstrators descended on the eleventh consecutive Saturday, carrying Israeli flags and protest banners. Among other things it said: “No to dictatorship” or “Israel has not yet become Iran.” Gatherings are also planned in cities such as Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba.

For more than two months, thousands of people have taken to the streets in Israel against the sweeping legislative proposal. Among other things, Parliament must be able to overturn Supreme Court decisions by a simple majority. In addition, politicians should have more influence in appointing judges. The coalition wants to move forward on key elements of the controversial reform in fast-track measures by the end of the month. Critics see the separation of powers as a pillar of democracy in danger and warn of a serious state crisis.

Netanyahu rejects Herzog’s compromise proposal

The Israeli prime minister rejected a compromise proposal put forward by Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday Benjamin Netanyahu Immediately return. It is unbalanced and only enhances the current state. The opposition supported the motion. Opposition Leader Jair Lapid said: “It’s not perfect, but it’s a fair compromise that allows us to live here together.” In a civil war there are only losers. Herzog emphasized that the proposal was intended as a basis for talks.

The protest movement is one of the largest protest movements in the history of Israel and includes large sectors of society. There is also growing resistance from the army. Hundreds of elite officers from the military reserve, for example, have announced that they will not return to duty as of Sunday.

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