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Farewell to the deceased twelve-year-old Louise from Freudenberg: the girl’s memorial service will take place next Wednesday in the small town of Segerland. But already on Sunday there was a regular service in Evangelical Church In a sign of mourning for the child. “Mourning and bewilderment fall on our city like a heavy burden,” said Freudenberg’s mayor, Nicole Reschke. “We are united in our pain with Louise’s family.”

At the same time, the mayor asked: “Is our cohesion in Freudenberg strong enough to withstand all this?” You have to stand together, and also against the “agitating and aggressive all-knowing” from the outside, appealed to the local politician and warned: “Let’s not judge prematurely!” Two girls, ages 12 and 13, confessed to committing acts of violence.

The District Director of the Evangelical Church in Siegen, Peter Thomas Stoberg, also spoke to him. Youtube Moved service, it is not about the central celebration of Louise. And that next Wednesday in church and then broadcast to the comprehensive school hall in Freudenberg. Sunday service should help to get out of the state of silence and express grief.

Memorial service on Wednesday

In an obituary published in the “Siegener Zeitung” on Saturday, it was said that everyone wishing to take part in the memorial service was invited to the Esther-Bejarano Comprehensive School on Wednesday. A portrait of the girl reads, “There are no words to understand the incomprehensible. For us, the world stands still.”

According to the announcement, the memorial will be celebrated on March 22 at 6 pm “in a close personal circle” in the Evangelical Church in Freudenberg. From there it is transmitted to the school as an audio stream. “We ask for your understanding that family and friends want Louise to be escorted there safely on her final journey.” A police spokesman said they wanted to use the chapel to ensure that funeral prayers were not disturbed.

According to previously announced findings, two girls, aged 12 and 13, were said to have killed Louise with multiple knife wounds on Saturday (March 11) in a remote forest on the border of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. In the obituary notice, Louise’s life data states March 12, 2023 as the day of death.

Prime Minister Fuest offered his condolences on Saturday

The church in Freudenberg was opened almost permanently for a week to enable people to mourn and pray there in silence. Prime Minister Hendrik Fust came to the church on Saturday to sign a book of condolences there. The NRW Prime Minister also spoke briefly to four pastors and thanked them for their commitment. Immediately after the incident became known, the CDU politician was outraged by the girl’s death. “It pulls the rug out from under your feet.”

In his Sunday sermon, Superintendent Stowberg said, “We are speechless, stunned, shaken.” Even more dangerous is that two children committed the crime. He also warned against “absurd comments and hasty judgments.” Stoberg stressed that it is forbidden for people to “throw stones” on social media — only digitally, but with the intent of harm.

Investigators warn against speculation

police And the attorney general’s office is very reticent in the case with information about the background, alleged perpetrators, possible motives, and reference to privacy protections. Because of their infancy, the girls have not yet become criminally responsible and cannot be brought before a court.

The investigators had warned against speculation, especially on social media, “that this is not consistent with the current status of the investigation” and asked not to participate. According to the Siegen-Wittgenstein district, the suspected girls left Freudenberg with their families. They are housed outside the home environment.

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