“Let’s Dance”: Boys vs. Girls and Spectators vs. Younes Zarou


What was contained in the latest version of “Let’s dance” in RTL (and RTL+) has everything to offer: a flashy ’80s revival, an uphill battle between boys versus girls, and, as always, a dramatic exit. But one man was poised to steal the show from everything and everyone: Jorge Gonzalez (55). For the foreseeable future, he’s going to have trouble wearing his flashy clothes.

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As if a member of the royal guard had modeled himself Pietro Lombardi Carefully draping a high hat over a bearskin cap – this is how Jorge sat next to his bemused fellow jurors. Spectators have just processed this scene when the celebrity’s first and very successful dance has already ended. Former gymnasts Philip Bowie (35) and Patricia Ionel (28) scored 25 points and created a small sensation: Joachim Lambi (58) gave them nine points, one ahead of Mutsy Mabuse (41) and Turmfresor-George.

The level goes up like Jorge’s hairstyle

After mediocre performances in the power dance of stars Ali Gungurmuş (46), Krisanthi Cavazzi (34) and Sali Ozkan, two competitors have already begun. First, mentalist Timon Krause, 28, and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova, 35, combined 26 strong points — not even a mind reader expected. Immediately after that, former singles Sharon Batiste (31) and Christian Polanc (44) scored 28-point performances. Meanwhile, Twitch star Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (36) danced with partner Isabel Edvardsson (40) totaling 30 points (40). So far, he’s been thought of as a troubled but somewhat awkward child – not so this evening.

Speaking of 30 points: supermodel Anna Ermakova (22) and Valentin Losin (35) both cleared them out the previous week, thus finally cementing their status as season favourites. However, the pressure was high in this episode. Like the hand of an old dancer, Ermakova not only held it, but gave it again: only a scratch less than perfect, there were also 28 points here. The bachelorette and Baker’s daughter shared first place in the issue.

Contrast program with handball players Michael “Mimi” Krause (39) and Maria Maksina (25). Even Mozzi had trouble finding the positive aspects of the dancing couple – by ten points they brought the back of the fourth episode.

Boys vs girls it doesn’t matter

More important was the special discipline of the evening, where the male stars had to compete against the female stars and in this way they could get valuable bonus points – in fact. Because both teams had responded and the jury thus came to a tie of nine points each, boys vs. girls had absolutely no effect on the outcome – only the time of the announcement was pushed back by 45 minutes.

But jury points also played a minor role on Friday. Because although Younes Zarou (25) and Malika Dzumaev (31) were able to collect twice as many points as “Mimi” with Maria, it wasn’t enough for the pair in the end – despite what was probably the best performance of the season.

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