‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Another veteran leaving the popular series


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans had to adjust to saying goodbye to series star Ellen Pompeo, 53, American Business Journal “Deadline” reportsAnother well-known face will also be leaving Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital: after nine years with the popular ABC series, actress Kelly McCreary, 41, is leaving. The 41-year-old has played the character of Maggie Pierce since the end of Season 10.

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Kelly McCreary with an emotional farewell message

“Playing Maggie Pearce has been one of the real joys of my life,” McCreary said in an emotional statement. However, as in the case of series star Pompeo, McCreary is expected to return to the popular hospital series for spin-offs and future guest appearances. The final episode starring McCreary as part of the regular cast of Grey’s Anatomy will air April 13 on ABC in the United States.

Kudos to Ellen Pompeo and host Krista Vernoff

Former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Pompeo spoke out on Instagram, Written addressed to the outgoing McCreary: “Thank you for your hard work and valuable contributions to the legacy of Grey’s.” Krista Vernoff (51), former showrunner of “Grey’s Anatomy,” added in a statement shared by EW: “Kelly McCreary is a screenwriter’s dream come true: brilliant, nuanced, perceptive and kind. We will miss her greatly and the wonderful Dr. Maggie Pearce”.

Showrunner Vernoff will also leave “Grey’s Anatomy” after the end of its nineteenth season, which is currently taking place in the United States. The 20th season of the popular series has yet to be ordered by ABC. German TV viewers can watch the 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” from April 24. ProSieben Watch on free tv. New episodes on Joyn and the Disney+ streaming service start a week early.

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