Bass: Supporting municipalities in receiving refugees



Bundestag President Purple Bass has called for greater support for local authorities in absorbing refugees. “There is still a great deal of solidarity among the majority of Germans. But we have to ask ourselves whether citizens have the power to stay in the long term,” the SPD politician told Funk Media Group newspapers.

“Now we have to give more support to municipalities who are under pressure especially when it comes to housing refugees. It is about living space, school places and the question of how cities like my hometown in Duisburg can pay for it.” Municipalities should not reallocate funds to refugees and save for other tasks. “In municipalities, citizens notice first when something goes wrong. That’s when it’s most likely to break down.”

The municipalities demand a long-term strategy for the reception of refugees in Germany from the federal and state governments. Federal State Summit with Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) on refugee costs is due on May 10.

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