Bad luck in Leverkusen: Bayern’s video assistant referee questions Bayer


Leverkusen – Beginning of power change? Dortmund had a strong 6:1 against Saturday night 1. FC Cologne Introduction, it stayed on top of the table. It is allowed for the first time this season thanks to the duo Bayer Leverkusen Kollner & Keller Staying in the Square Under the Sun.

After a bizarre duplicity in terms of penalty corrections by VAR, Bayern Munich lost 2-1 to Werksilve. Now BVB is almost two weeks before the main showdown in Allianz Arena (April 1) with a point difference from the champions, who in turn are in the chasing role for the first time since round 13 due to their third defeat this season.

Bayern’s defeat is deserved in Leverkusen

A total bankruptcy due to the harmless Munichers who missed their body language and aggression in the last four victories in a row.

Today’s penalty scenes that made Bayern Munich question the occurrence of the video assistant referee technique in the second half are as follows: Benjamin Pavard Caught amines Aldi In the penalty area on the heel he almost takes off his shoe and then falls to the ground. When referee Tobias Steiler gave him a yellow card for Schwalbe, he let out a slipper in his anger. The video assistant referee sent Steiler to check, so he had to take the card back and decide on a penalty kick: Palacios converted – 1: 1 (55th place).

After a good half hour same scene. Champions: Bayern Munich defender Upamecano, again Adly and, of course, Steiler. After falling in the penalty area, he decided to pick Schwalbe, showed Di the yellow again, and then had to go to the screen – VAR says hello every day. Well, a sentence with x.

Penalty again, but laughing, Stieler recovered the yellow card (for the second time!) And asked Palacios to score, who scored for the second time (72). Julian Nagelsmann He couldn’t stop shaking his head at Bayernbank.

Bayern takes the lead against Leverkusen: Goretzka puts on Kimmich

his opponent Xabi AlonsoThe former Bayern Munich midfielder, who worked for him from 2014-2017, triumphed in his first encounter with his old club. Leverkusen, unbeaten in seven matches in all competitions, acted with courage and control, thanks to which the trio can dream of qualifying for the Europa League again.

Nagelsmann grumbled on the sidelines from the start because his rally didn’t work at all. First bring Leon Goretzka to himself, then Kimmich. Running paths, positioning and an attacking game – nothing suits Nagelsmann. The next attack after the announcement – and there is the thing (xxii). Villa Cancelo, the ball reached Goretzka in the penalty area, who cleverly pushed it back to Kimmich. Kosuno saved his shot two meters in front of Bayer Hradecky’s keeper, who headed into the right corner. While cheering, Kimmich put his index finger to his forehead in Marcus Rashford style (Manchester United). To say: Is it all up to the manager?

Bayern’s nationally served players travel to Frankfurt on Sunday night

The undeserved guest advanced with 6: 1 shots on goal in favor of Leverkusen and continued until the end of the first half. Still dissatisfied with the attacking performance, Nagelsmann made a triple change and brought him in Kingsley ComanAnd Serge Gnabry And Jamal Musella (resting first because of back problems) l Joao CanceloAnd Thomas Mueller and Sadio Mane, the weakest of the meager trio. It didn’t help either, because the defense then slid around the very reliable Pavard and Upamecano of late.

And so the fully-served Bayern internationals traveled to Frankfurt on Sunday night to check-in at the Melia City Hotel for the upcoming international matches against Peru (Saturday) and Belgium (March 28). National coach Hansi Flickin BayArena in the stands next to Roddy Fullereven EM’s home sports director DFBThey will have to do development work at Kimmich & Co.

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