A son was injured in the Turkuçu match: a Bayern fan complains about the actions of the police


Munich – The controversial police operation at the football match at the Heimstetten Sports Park between Turkcuku as the host team and FC Bayern II is now legally addressed. Two Bayern Munich fans, a father and his 11-year-old son, who were hit with pepper spray during the operation, have lodged a complaint with the Administrative Tribunal.

“totally disproportionate”

Their goal: for the court to decide that “this police operation in the Bavarian bloc was illegal,” explains lawyer Marco Noli. His clients want to continue attending football matches in the future, so there is a risk that they may be subjected to such a police operation again. The effort was completely disproportionate.

Bayern fans had placed a banner on the perimeter reading “Bayern FC Kurdistan Supporters” at the match in November Unbound. Noli believes that one of the expressions of opinion that Türkgücü has to put up with is that the banner contains content that is “not insulting or punishable”.

The situation was calm at the time of the attack

It is said that those in charge of Türkgücü demanded the disappearance of the banner. The plaintiffs themselves had nothing to do with the banner and were far away at Bayern Munich. the reason police Their actions were later cited, namely that the violent clashes between the two groups of fans, were irrelevant in Nolli’s opinion: “At the time of the sudden attack by the police, it was peaceful and it was quiet for more than 30 minutes. The sign was no longer there for you to see.” In addition, freedom of expression must be observed.

Noli continues: “One can only suppose that the will of Türkgücü to secure the banner should simply be done here. Police action, however, is not permitted for this purpose. Especially not in such a disproportionate way.”

The process videos should serve as a guide and the situation in the Heimstetten Sports Park.

At the time, the police justified the action: when they tried to seize the banner, the police officers were immediately attacked by FC Bayern fans. So it was necessary to use pepper spray and batons.

Bystanders were also hit with pepper spray

There were casualties on both sides. An 11-year-old boy was also hit by pepper spray He was injured and had to be hospitalized with eye injuries. “A completely disproportionate police operation, the widespread use of pepper spray,” says Noli, which also hit completely uninvolved people who were standing on the edge of the Bayern Munich building.

Is it possible to claim compensation for pain and suffering at a later date? No, says Noli. “That’s not what they’re both about. It’s about restoring faith in the rule of law. And that’s something like that never happens again in the future.”

How do you explain the actions of the police? Noli: “My clients cannot explain this. Police reports and their interpretations afterwards that alleged physical fights or attacks by home fans could have been prevented cannot be corroborated based on what they experienced.”

When asked by AZ how are they doing today, the father replied: “Good, we handled it well. We don’t have damages or anything.”

Do you still go to the stadium? “Of course! Of course we are going to the stadium. We have had many great moments, shared experiences and great matches on the field and we don’t want to let a bad experience take us away from the fun.”


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